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Landscaping Work Planned - Wednesday, April 21-24, 2021

A landscaping project is taking place in April to add stone steps at the current corner being used as an entrance, as well as rock, plantings, and pine straw on the hillside.  This site will be updated when dates are confirmed.  A new decorative fence will also be installed on the landscaped portion of the playground a couple of weeks later, or sooner.    

About The Downtown Playground

The Downtown Playground
111 Elm Street
Woodstock, GA 30188
The playground is designed to be a natural area that incorporates elements and textures from the landscape. The playground will include an ADA accessible boardwalk to enter the site from the corner of Market and Maple streets, leading to an accessible play area. This area includes elements meant to engage users with music and building pieces. A natural path will lead from there through hammocks and tables to another play area that includes a 20-foot-tall Jungle Explorer Dome designed for children ages to 5-12 to interact in different ways with the structure. Additional features include climbing mounds and tunnels through earthen berms.

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The Downtown Playground

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