Our Story Crafted By Your Dreams

Our Mission

The parks and recreation department sets the standard in meeting the recreation and leisure needs of the Woodstock community. Expectations are met through extraordinary customer service, strong community partnerships, top notch facilities and trails, authentic local programming, and attractive large scale events.

Our Vision

Woodstock is the city of choice for healthy living and high quality of life, accessible to the best recreation, leisure, and entertainment opportunities available, all connected through an extensive network of parks, trails, and natural areas.

E-bikes/Vehicles on Bike Trails

Bikes/vehicles that require the use of a throttle to gain full forward or reverse motion and does not require the rider to use pedals is consider a motorized vehicle and is not to be operated on Corps property without authorization. This is a violation under USC Title 36. sec 327.2(c) Vehicles (Offroad).  

If the rider is required to pedal the bike to engage motorized assistance and stops when the rider stops pedaling then we still consider it a mountain bike, and we are fine with allowing them to operate on the trails.